Sunday, August 30, 2009

How my Personal Space Protector can prevent the swine flu

Some people haven't yet connected the idea of having personal space to that of avoiding diseases.

Just in case you're one of them, or want to know more:

Ask your doctor or check medical websites.

KEEPING A SAFE DISTANCE FROM INFECTED INDIVIDUALS is the #1 measure to prevent infectious diseases from being spread! They say "Avoid contact with infected individuals" or so. The idea is: KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE from infected people (and you NEVER know who is infected) and stay safe. That's how my Personal Space Protector acts against diseases. You keep that safe distance.

The whole thing reminds me of when, in the Middle Ages, people didn't know that washing hands could save lives. Something so simple...!

Sometimes the smallest things are the ones that we're missing in order to have a better world. Of course I'd prefer to live in a planet where people could be polite and give each other personal space without having to wear something for that. Unfortunately, the world isn't like we all wish it were, and I, by myself, can't change it. Although, yes, I try to do my part!!
As I can't change people's behavior (which I also try), I at least came up with an object that can protect us.

Check these links - just illustrating what I said before about the swine flu x distance from infected individuals:
Stay safe!

Monday, August 17, 2009

More Personal Space protector ® in NYC!

MORE Personal Space protector ® in NYC and Coney Island!

Here, Philip tests the Personal Space protector ®

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Personal Space ® Protector in New York City!

I can do anything I want with my Personal Space ® protector!

Not bad at all to have a Personal Space ® Protector on the subway!

Personal Space ® Protector - some links and media info

Some links about "Personal Space", showing that the object has been seen and approved by people all over the USA:

Article in the Sunday edition of the Denver Post, the most important newspaper of Colorado (about events in Denver and Aspen):

The Daily Page / Isthmus (Wisconsin)

Contra Costa Times (California)

SD News (San Diego, California)

SD News, Peninsula Beacon (San Diego, California) - community section (San Francisco, California)

SF Station (San Francisco, California)

San (California) (California) (California)

DiscoverSD (San Diego, California) (California)

The Daily Page / Isthmus (Wisconsin)

The Daily Page / Isthmus (Wisconsin)

Swine flu resources (about Personal Space in Sao Paulo)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Personal Space protector in California

in a nightclub

Having dinner in a restaurant

With stars from the major league lacrosse all star game in Denver, CO

July 16, 2009
Hard Rock Cafe
Vivian Puxian wears Personal Space in a private event with stars from the major league lacrosse all star game, who are impressed with this object of art

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Personal Space Protector on Pacific Beach / Mission Beach, San Diego, California. July - August, 2009

I designed PERSONAL SPACE protector to be water resistant. It won't get rusty even if you try the worst enemy of metals in general: salt water!

It's so funny when everybody is watching me and when I look at them, they pretend they're not.. or when people take pictures of me and run away..
Hey everbody: It's ok for me if you take pictures. I understand this isn't something you see everyday!!! ;)

* Please notice my Personal Space also hold my flip-flops for me!!

Personal SPace ® in San Diego, California. July - August, 2009