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Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Environmental Communication: Skills and Principles for Natural Resource Managers, Scientists, and Engineers" - a book you must read!

The newest book mentioning Vivian Puxian and the Personal Space Protector is:

"Environmental Communication: Skills and Principles for Natural Resource Managers, Scientists, and Engineers", Second Edition.
Written by Donny Roush, Richard R. Jurin and K. Jeffrey Danter.

Originally published by Pearson Custom Publishing, 2000, 2nd ed., 2010, XXIII, 310 p. 36 illus., 18 in color., Hardcover.

ISBN: 978-90-481-3986-6

You can order the book from

* Amazon also lets you peek at a few pages instantly.

or you can order it from Springer:

Product Description:

Environmental professionals can no longer simply publish research in technical journals. Informing the public is now a critical part of the job. Environmental Communication demonstrates, step by step, how it’s done, and is an essential guide for communicating complex information to groups not familiar with scientific material. It addresses the entire communications process, from message planning, audience analysis and media relations to public speaking - skills a good communicator must master for effective public dialogue. Environmental Communication provides all the knowledge and tools you need to reach your target audience in a persuasive and highly professional manner.


"This book will certainly help produce the skills for environmental communications sorely needed for industry, government and non-profit groups as well as an informed public". Sol P. Baltimore, Director, Environmental Communications and Adjunct faculty, Hazardous Waste management program, Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

"All environmental education professionals agree that the practice of good communications is essential for the success of any program. This book provides practical skills for this concern". Ju Chou, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Environmental Education National Taiwan Normal University Taipei, Taiwan

* Check page 229 to read about Vivian Puxian and the Personal Space Protector!

"CTRL+ART+DEL" - a book you must read!

After receiving a prize in Brazil, Vivian Puxian, the creator of the Personal Space Protector, now has her art mentioned in two books, recently released.

"CTRL + ART + DEL: Distúrbios em Arte e Tecnologia", a book written by the Brazilian Doctor and Professor Fabio Oliveira Nunes, was released on July 31, 2010, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The book can be bought at the following bookstores: Martins Fontes and Cultura; it features many artists and reflections about the interaction between art and technology.

Livraria Cultura (link to order the book:)
click on this link to be redirected to the bookstore and order the book!

Livraria Martins Fontes
Av. Paulista, 509
Tel.: (55 11) 2167-9900

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok, I know I have to keep a low profile and not expose my Personal Space Protector in public anymore due to patenting issues... but I had to send a video of it to a museum in Brazil, and it was good that I did it: the Personal Space Protector video (showing the object being used in 2009) won the "Prêmio Olho Latino", what, translated in English, is the "Latin Eye Prize", at the "Museu Olho Latino" (Latin Eye Museum) in Brazil. I promise now I'll try to keep a low profile... I miss using my Personal Space Protector out in the streets so much! I hope I'm allowed to use it soon again!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Warner Bros (one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world) and Telepictures (one of their companies) contacted me for authorization to use my Personal Space Protector in a tv show pilot they shot in Manhattan in October.

They made a similar object, and Paula Deen wore it, as you can see in the picture.

* Please not that the object she wore was not made by me. Mine doesn't have shoulder straps and the design is more accurate, clean, and made in a way nobody gets hurt and it feels comfortable, letting people swing their arms, have compartments that can hold your bottle of water, cell phone, etc.

The Personal Space Protector that Paula Deen is wearing was made for a comic show, therefore, it has a different design.

Check it out on the link below:

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On the next page you'll see my protector on Wendy WIlliams show on tv, the New York Post, etc...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Office demand for my Personal Space Protector!

Someone considers using my PSP in his office.
*** It's surely OK to sit down on chairs using it (you can see me sitting down in different chairs in pics posted on this blog - check "older posts" down on each page). The main issue at this point is that I'm not yet selling the device.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


With the comedian Dann Sytsma