Sunday, July 26, 2009


Vivian's art is composed of pieces in the most varied media and styles. For Vivian, a complete artist can't be attached to only one style and act as if he / she was blind without experiencing other possibilities. Art isn't something we must close - it's something open and it must be explored in every possible way.

For those who wonder what else Vivian Puxian has done so far... here goes more info:

Website showing banner she painted and will be placed at the 9/11 memorial to the World Trade Center in New York City (the banner was exhibited for several years at the St. Paul's Chapel in New York):

Vivian Puxian has also been the curator of an event of "The Year of France in Brazil" that presented art of the French artist Fred Forest. Read more on the following links:


* more links at

MORE IMAGES of her artwork:

* Photographs
These are very special, as they're NOT DIGITAL, and weren't taken with cameras, in a process that doesn't usually allow gray scale in the photographs - an achievement Puxian mastered very well, as you can see below:


These are very interesting sculptures, people always have an astonished air when staring at those pieces:

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