Thursday, July 9, 2009

Personal Space at the Capitol Building, Madison, WI, July 07, 2009.

This is Shyelle Humboldt, the 1st kid who worn "Personal Space"

This is Maurice Humboldt, the 2nd kid who worn "Personal Space"

Vivian Puxian and her Personal Space at the Capitol Building in Madison, WI.

Personal Space at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI, USA, July 12, 2009.


Sometimes people comment "but if everybody wears your Personal Space Protector, there won't be enough room for all of us."

Let's think of how our planet evolved. There was a time in which there were no cars in the streets. I guarantee they take more space than my Personal Space Protector takes. BUT we accepted the cars, and even build "houses" for them (garages, parking lots), as automobiles have such a noble and interesting function in our daily lives. We use precious space for them, instead of thinking of so many homeless people who need a place to live.
Should we ban cars because they take some space, or learn how to divide and use our space better?

If you don't care about how the planet and our behavior evolved, I can use another example to explain why I think it IS better to have personal space.

You go to a movie theater. Let's say its capacity is 100 people, with comfortable chairs, etc.
Why is the capacity 100 people? Why chairs? why comfort? couldn't we fit 500 people there? Sure we could!
We could fit (or pile) 500 people standing up there (perhaps even charging less $ for the tickets?) but I doubt they'd be able to watch the movie or ever come back.
That movie theater wouldn't be comfortable, it would be more like the slave ships in the 17th and 18th centuries (of course I don't have to mention that LOTS of those poor slaves died from diseases, as they were all gathered together without hygiene or human conditions for living).

Well, if you want to be one of those people standing up in that 500-people movie theater, go for it. I'd personally be one of those sitting down on a chair in the 100 people movie theater. I wouldn't mind waiting for the next session if I got there and the theater was full. Better than standing up squeezed like orange juice.

What about having a house with rooms for each of the family members (or roommates)? shouldn't we all live in 1 room then, in order to save space?

Dear friends, if we learned how to use space in a way it helps us at home, with our car, bike, dog, suitcase, etc... we can also learn how to have our own pesonal space in a good way. Not invading other people's space, but also not having ours invaded.

Besides, the Personal Space Protector can be a sort of "learning tool", a "wake up call". Maybe after using it for some time, we would finally learn how to respect each other without the use of any device, just like children need assistance to learn how to walk and then can do that by themselves after they've grown.

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