Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vivian Puxian and her creation, the Personal Space Protector, LIVE on the Wendy Williams show today on FOX at 10 a.m. (NYC) Also on MY at 10 p.m.

make up before the show

I was LIVE on Wendy Williams show today telling America what is that thing everybody from lots of places in the world see me wearing in the streets. My Personal Space Protector.
I can avoid being bumped, pushed, stepped on, and if people have germs or contagious diseases (such as the swine flu), they'll be far enough from me, within a safe distance, so I won't get their germs or get sick.

Watch the show - it will be aired again TONIGHT at 10 P.M. on MY in New York City.
To know the time the show airs in your area, go to:


The show was awesome and I don't even have to tell you Wendy is great, and also everybody involved in the production of her show - very nice indeed!!

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