Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I didn't design a bubble - I designed a PROTECTOR / how I can sit down (many people ask me about it)

Images are better than words.. check this out:

If you keep looking / reading my posts, you'll see I CAN hug people, be sociable, friendly (actually my Personal Space protector ATTRACTS people, and I always make new friends because of it!), etc.

Some people have the impression that I don't want to be touched or in contact with people.


A bubble cuts off all interaction with others - not my case at all! A protector protects and lets me live my life as I'd live without it - but without certain problems.

My Personal Space PROTECTOR protects me only against the bad parts of human contact, like: being pushed, hit, stepped on, etc. Nobody I ever talked to likes these things.
My Personal Space protector also protects me against pickpockets, perverts, and it makes me make new friends, whom I can hug and do anything I'd do if I wasn't wearing it, so please don't judge before knowing or seeing how the object works and what it was made for. You can read more about it in other posts here, or asking me (

** NOTE: I respect people, I believe we must respect others in order to be respected by them. I sit down in trains and buses when there's enough space for everybody there to sit down. If they're too crowded I don't mind standing up. Maybe I could sit down, applying what many call the "I got here first" rule, but I prefer to apply the polite rules of courtesy and the "I got here first but I respect YOUR personal space as I'd like you to respect mine. Please, have a seat!" rule.

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